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Does your business need a CRM?


One of the first things almost every business owner asks me is “How do I use a CRM? Am I using it right? Am I using it to its full potential?”My answer to this is : flip your question.

Is Zoho One for you?


Now you are a business owner and wondering if you need Zoho One. After working with businesses across the globe in automating business processes and workflows for the last four years, here are few things I would suggest you consider, before making this decision. Read on to find out.

What is CRM ?


When you start a business and are few months into it, you find that many other business owners are using something they call a CRM software to manage their business. So you are compelled to think you also somehow should follow the herd effect and start using a CRM as the first step. Why do I call it a ‘herd effect’? 

What is CRM ? (... continued)


So now you are in meditation. Meditation on your business processes and workflows. Since we are now focusing on CRM,I will consider on of the most common workflows almost every business owner has to chart out : lead followup workflow.

Here are the things you might want to think about deeply and chart out a workflow.