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Cube Yogi
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#DigitalTransformation is a journey ; not a process. Few essential steps garnered from 17 years with #leadership working with more than 100 #business #CEO #CXO #CIO #leaders for change in their #organisation
30.06.19 09:26 AM - Comment(s)

One of the first things almost every business owner asks me is “How do I use a CRM? Am I using it right? Am I using it to its full potential?”

My answer to this is : flip your question. Are you worried that you haven’t used every button in your coffee machine or your washing machine? Then why do...

26.05.19 11:10 AM - Comment(s)

In the earlier post, we saw about Zoho’s launch of arguably one of the biggest suite of business apps in the history of software industry yet : Zoho One.

Now you are a business owner and wondering if you need Zoho One. After working with businesses across the globe in automating business pr...

26.05.19 10:42 AM - Comment(s)

Zoho One.

Arguably the launch of the biggest software suite of Apps in the software industry yet.

When I first heard of this, I was not paying attention because I thought to myself “Just a rumour”. But when I saw the launch today, it was mind-blowing! How could someone give away a suite of almost fort...

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