Freshly Brewed Business Apps

An exciting work came by when a Translation Services company in the US came to us for their business workflows. They wanted to setup managing their Zoho CRM for Leads and also setup their Order Business Workflow.

Always the first step to such a deep dive is to do some brainstorming and get a good hang of what the business is, and what their future growth plans are. This will help build the right system which is scalable, extensible and stays out of the way of your business ; i.e. takes care of all the mundane stuff so that all your energy is focused on your business and not on trivial shit!

So, out of due diligence, we went through a brainstorming session with the customer on their business processes and day-to-day work, and came up with design diagrams and workflow diagrams to model the system.

And one of the most crucial things in any company's business software setup is the schema. Sad that it is often overlooked and not given the due importance that it deserves. Schema design comes a long way with you and it is the right schema design which will lend a helping hand when you want to scale the business. A wrong schema design may get you up and running quickly. But after a lot of your data is already in the system, and after few years when you are growing rapidly and wanting to extend the software to address the new needs, that's when you'll realize it too late and you are stuck. Many times, businesses have had to rewrite the software entirely at this point and it's a lot of time and effort. Also, it becomes messy at this point because now all your old data needs to be ported to the new system, and often times, data gets corrupted or lost in this process.

Knowing these consequences, we always stress a good data design and system design for our customers. Here is the data design we came up with, for this Translation Services Firm.