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Training Management App

powered by Zoho Creator, Zoho Invoice

Here comes a Personality Development and Soft Skills Training firm in the UK. They were managing the show with Excel. It worked all fine initially when there were just two of them and they had only one or two training courses.

Years passed. They now had to manage about ten instructors and several dozen training courses, and soon Excel became a nightmare! They had to deal with data integrity issues, when multiple people were updating the data at the same time. Also they were sending around the Excel files through email sometimes and each one wasn't sure if they had the latest version of the sheets!

Ans so they were hunting for a solution which could ensure data integrity, and scale with their growing needs. They also wanted fine-grained access control so each person saw only what their role needed them to see/modify.

After comparing various solutions, they finally decided to go with Zoho Creator as it addressed all their needs, could be accessed anywhere and even using mobile. They were also impressed with its economical and transparent pricing.

We first did some brainstorming on their business needs. Then we came up with the design of the system and flow along with several use cases to cover their needs and to scale well along with their growth. As with any good design of a system, it's not enough to address the current needs alone. Being able to scale with the company's growth is crucial, and that's where it's important for the developer to get a good business understanding and to come up with an extensible design.

We created settings / configuration pages where they could setup the system, what we could call as Onboarding. They could add Trainer details, configure Training Lessons / Courses and add Skill Sets for Trainers.

Then they had entry forms which could be accessed by the Trainers. The trainers could choose courses which they would like to deal with, in the upcoming months. They could also fine tune the course details by saying how many slots/seats are available, which location, and so on.

A Zoho Creator form was hosted in their website through which leads were generated and followed up. Someone could also directly register for their courses and pay through the online form.

We also pulled up detailed reports on the Schedules of Training Courses in a year/month/quarter.

We also implemented reports and charts on their revenue and profit figures.

Notifications were setup in great detail.

Trainers would receive daily text reminders of their schedule, and weekly email reminders of their week's courses.

Trainees would receive both text and email reminders on training schedule for which they have enrolled. 

They would also receive automated payment reminders until they completed the payment.

Zoho Invoice was integrated with Zoho Creator to setup automatic invoicing and tracking of payments and also to setup automated reminders.