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The HRMS solution from Zoho

With seven years of experience in the industry implementing Zoho for more than 100 businesses across the globe, we have a dedicated team of Zoho People and Zoho Recruit experts to handle businesses who are looking for solutions in the HRMS space.

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What Zoho People means to your organisation?


With Zoho People, tracking your employees' time is very easy. Employees can log time through computer at office or using the Zoho People mobile application. As a Manager or HR, you can see a consolidated view of everyone's time spent at office. Since the organisation's hierarchy is already configured into People, hierarchy becomes the basis of all actions.


With Zoho People, employee leave management can be seamless. Leave types and conditions can be configured with ease. They can also be set differently based on different office locations. Leave approvals can be configured just with few simple clicks.


I regard this as one of the most-liked features of every HR I have spoken to. With geo-restriction capability in Zoho People, you can restrict who can do which operations from where through the Zoho People mobile App. This will help you set fine-grained rules, on say, work-from-home policies, daily checkin for attendance, and the like. 


Approval feature is a no-brainer in Zoho People. It is very simple to configure yet very powerful to use. Zoho People also has strong in-built customisation. This helps you build custom approvals and workflows.


Performance Management in Zoho People is one of its key features used by many of its customers. The 360-degree feedback system built into Zoho People is very useful when you want peer reviews for your staff. 


Zoho People has in-built support for e-signature. It integrates well with DocuSign, Adobe Sign and Zoho Sign. This helps you use e-signature for the employees in your organisation when it comes to, for example, signing probation completion letters, salary revision documents and so on.


Analytics to help you in workforce management.

Dashboards customised to suit your specific needs as Human Resources team member. Dashboards can also be customised to the needs of executives in your organisation.


Zoho People comes with its free companion mobile App! This helps you stay up-to-date with the updates from your organisation. As a member of the human resources team, this is very important to you. 

Not just that. The managers and executives in your organisation can easily manage their approvals, team HR activities through the Zoho People mobile app.

And best of all, your employees can check-in in one swipe through the mobile app. And geo-restriction ensures you manage where they checkin from.


With Zoho People's Active Directory integration, the employees in your organisation can sign in using their AD credentials. Once you setup SAML with Zoho, Active Directory integration can be setup so the same Active Directory credentials can also be used by your staff for signing into Zoho People also.


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