Cube Yogi
Cube Yogi
Leader in Zoho Solutions/Consultation
  • Zoho CRM Practice

    Dedicated Zoho CRM Practice for consulting, design and implementation of CRM best practices tuned for your specific business needs

    Getting your CRM right is crucial to the success of your business. We realise its value with over six years of experience designing and building Zoho CRM solutions for over hundred businesses across the globe. 
    That's why we setup a separate Zoho CRM Practice dedicated to crafting CRM experiences for businesses like yours.
  • The Operating System for Business

    38 cloud-based Apps + 55 mobile Apps.

    At $30 / month / user

  • Zoho Creator Practice

    Zoho Creator Practice : Team of Zoho Creator experts who can code complex Zoho Creator applications in Deluge scripting language, Zoho's scripting language for business apps.

    Zoho Creator, the cloud-based App builder platform from Zoho, is not child's play. After over seven years and about hundred complex applications over Zoho Creator, we want to share that enriching experience with the world through an exclusive team of Zoho Creator experts.
  • Zoho People Practice

    Zoho People Practice : A dedicated team of Zoho People experts to help you setup your HR processes efficiently

It's your Business. It's your Life.

We know it's important you get an expert to help you outline your business processes and workflows, and come up with an optimal software setup custom tailored to your unique business needs.

After five years of helping businesses across the globe to setup and organise their businesses with software and helping them automate their business workflows, we are confident we'll help you gain clarity & depth.

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Businesses whose experiences we've crafted

Zoho  People
‚ÄčConsulting  &  Implementation

As a firm whose work is split across two geographic locations, LeapFrogger, an Australia-headquartered Digital Marketing Firm, needed a good system to track their staff time entries, attendance, leave, approvals and other HRMS activities. This is exactly what Zoho People provided and here's how.