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  • Catapulting your
    ​Digital Transformation journey

    Digital Transformation is inevitable for any company today. As an organisation's top executive, say CIO / CEO / CXO and the like, you face critical challenges in bringing about Digital Transformation in your organisation. Over the last 7 years, we've garnered invaluable experiences helping hundreds of businesses across the globe with their Digital Transformation efforts. We have  some expert suggestions to help you manage change & successfully implement Digital Transformation in your company.
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  • The Operating System for Business

    38 cloud-based Apps + 55 mobile Apps.

    At $30 / month / user

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  • Zoho CRM Practice

    Dedicated Zoho CRM Practice for consulting, design and implementation of CRM best practices tuned for your specific business needs

    Getting your CRM right is crucial to the success of your business. We realise its value with over six years of experience designing and building Zoho CRM solutions for over hundred businesses across the globe. 
    That's why we setup a separate Zoho CRM Practice dedicated to crafting CRM experiences for businesses like yours.
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  • ZOHO   CRM

    • Do you want to take your Sales processes to the next level with Zoho CRM, and identify gaps and friction in the process?
    • Are you an administrator looking for Zoho CRM training?
    • Are you a business owner struggling to understand CRM in depth?
    • Then this training is for you. Enrol today!
  • Zoho People Practice

    Zoho People Practice : A dedicated team of Zoho People experts to help you setup your HR processes efficiently
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  • Zoho Creator Practice

    Zoho Creator Practice : Team of Zoho Creator experts who can code complex Zoho Creator applications in Deluge scripting language, Zoho's scripting language for business apps.

    Zoho Creator, the cloud-based App builder platform from Zoho, is not child's play. After over seven years and about hundred complex applications over Zoho Creator, we want to share that enriching experience with the world through an exclusive team of Zoho Creator experts.
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Zoho   CRM

A Webinar that will help you get a hang on the basics of Zoho CRM and how it will help catapult your organisation's Sales Team to the next level with automation and productivity leading to seamless customer handling

#CubeYogiMinute Series | #Zoho

An innovative series of one-minute videos on Zoho

 Specially crafted by CubeYogi's Digital Transformation Guru Priya Sri | 15+ Years | 100+ Customers | 200+ Projects

#Zoho CRM | Introduction to Layouts

In #Zoho #CRM , have you ever wondered how to re-organise the way  the values are arranged? And how to have fine-grained control of what data others in your #organisation see? Watch our first 1-minute video in the #CubeYogiMinute series to learn more.

Inclusive Strategy | Best Practices for #DigitalTransformation

Digital Transformation responsibility rests with the CIO / IT Leaders. How do you, as the CIO / IT Leader cope up with it and make sure it's a successful endeavour? Inclusive Strategy is a vital ingredient and here's why. Listen to the video to learn more. 

Zoho Expense - How to enable Trip Requests for your organisation employees

Zoho Expense is a leading expense management software. It helps manage employee expenses and travel trips for your organisation. As a HR Personnel or someone in the Administration / Finance Department, this is a tool that is a must-have for you.  







Pioneering Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is inevitable for any company today. As an organisation's top executive, say CIO / CEO / CXO and the like, you face critical challenges in bring about Digital Transformation in your organisation. Over the last 8 years, we have invaluable experiences helping hundreds of businesses across the globe with their Digital Transformation efforts. CubeYogi focuses on the mid-size and enterprise segments. We've specialised Zoho Practices to help you catapult your Digital Transformation. Talk to our expert Digital Transformation Guru today!

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Zoho is a suite of apps designed to automate your business end-to-end and make your business, sales, marketing and production teams more efficient.

Zoho is the modern business operating system.

How CubeYogi can help your business with Zoho

CubeYogi is the leader in Zoho Consultation and Implementation. With industry experience of 7 years working with more than 100+ businesses, we know best how to take your business to the next level with Zoho


CubeYogi Vidya | Zoho Knowledge Base

CubeYogi Vidya, our effort to share our rich vast experience with Zoho products over 8 yrs & 100+ customers.

Latest from the
Zoho Knowledge Base

Create Project in Zoho Projects on Deal Closure in Zoho CRM

How to Manage Knowledge Base Articles in Zoho Desk

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Digital Transformation Experiences

Great advice
​and great implementation

"On working with CubeYogi ... great advice and great implementation ... and I ended up with something that was extremely positive for my client and really helped them to achieve their goals with Zoho"

Vincent Walshe

CEO & Founder

Internet Success, Ireland

It's been amazing how you 
understand what the customer wants

"It's been really amazing working with you, how you understand what the customer wants. I would definitely recommend anyone to choose you."

Sara Gonzalez

Operations Manager


Case Studies

Zoho  ONE
​Consulting  &  Implementation

As a firm whose work is split across two geographic locations, LeapFrogger, an Australia-headquartered Digital Marketing Firm, needed a good system to track their sales processes, projects, leads, staff time entries, attendance, leave, approvals and other Sales, Marketing & HRMS activities. This is exactly what Zoho One provided and here's how.


The latest from our blog

Is Zoho One for you?

Now you are at the crossroads and deciding whether to use Zoho to transform your business. Here is a blogpost that'll help you make that decision.

The Champions in the Digital Transformation game

#DigitalTransformation is a journey ; not a process. Here are few essential steps garnered from 17 years with #leadership working with more than 100 #business#CEO#CXO#CIO#leaders for change in their #organization

Achieve Zen with Zoho One

Zoho One, the ultimate suite of business apps from Zoho, which can help digitally transform your business while not hurting your budget.

Does your business need a CRM?

One of the first things almost every business owner asks me is β€œHow do I use a CRM? Am I using it right? Am I using it to its full potential?”

Here are your answers.

Reviving the 

"Mahatma Gandhi came to believe that it was impractical for India's cities to accommodate the burgeoning population in a dignified way. 
​He romanticised village life as self-sufficient, simple, free, non-violent, and truthful."

We heard him

... and moved to the pristine Ambasamudram

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