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 The Champions in Digital Transformation

30.06.19 09:26 AM Comment(s) By Priya | CubeYogi

 The Champions 🏆 in the Digital Transformation game 🎯

Identifying the stakeholders in the Digital Transformation process is by far one of the most important steps in your organization's Digital Transformation journey. So you should do this really early in the game; probably even when you start contemplating about how to go about the Digital Transformation journey, where to begin, how to make it worthwhile and so on. Here are top three reasons why this is crucial to your success:

More the Hands, Better the Journey

Remember that Digital Transformation is not going to be easy. But it's essential. And it's a bumpy road for sure. There are a lot of ifs and buts. And for you to navigate through these and move forward, you need a team who's passionate and can take the blow, but still move forward.

Distributed Pockets of Accountability 

You need to create and nurture disturbed centres of accountability

Being the head of a large organisation, you cannot be at the top of everything. You need to create and nurture disturbed centers of accountability ; the champions who'll take day-to-day operations in their hands and take those 'tactical' decisions which will take this forward. 

The Cushion Effect for Change Management

It's a journey ; not just a simple change that'll get over in few months. A journey is more tiring, more risky and requires that relentless passion and energy flowing despite all odds. So it has to be group effort nonetheless. The group is the cushion. So nurture them and embrace them as an essential part of your success strategy.

Digital Transformation is a journey
​Not a change

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