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Achieve Zen with Zoho One

07.09.18 07:54 AM Comment(s) By Priya | CubeYogi

Achieve Zen with Zoho One

Zoho One.

Arguably the launch of the biggest software suite of Apps in the software industry yet.

When I first heard of this, I was not paying attention because I thought to myself “Just a rumour”. But when I saw the launch today, it was mind-blowing! How could someone give away a suite of almost forty enterprise-ready apps for such a drop dead price?! But it’s true and it is happening.

Drop-dead Pricing

38 cloud-based Apps + 55 mobile Apps. Must be a whopping price for so many Apps, right? That’s what I thought until I heard the price of $30 / month / user!

That works out to about just $1.36/day/user, or rather, a little more than 15 cents/working hour/user! Cheaper than a cup of coffee!

One for All. All for One.

It’s is a very powerful concept. Come to think of it. All for one. All the business apps that you needed so far and possibly will ever need.

One for all. One Suite. One login.

One place for all your data so you can start connecting them together and making better sense of them.

One for all.
One bundle of software instead of struggling to manage multiple apps across multiple teams and desperately trying to make them talk together!

So what Apps does the Zoho One Suite have?

Sales & Marketing Apps

Zoho CRM

Zoho Sites

Zoho Reports

Zoho SalesIQ (for live website visitor tracking)

Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Social

Zoho Survey

Zoho Forms

… and lot more!

Finance Related Apps

Zoho Books (for all your accounting needs)

Zoho Invoice (if you just need invoicing capability)

Zoho Inventory (for managing your inventory, stock, warehouses)

… and some more

Business Process Automation

Zoho Creator

Zoho Analytics

Productivity & Collaboration Tools

Zoho Cliq (for chat)

Zoho Office Suite (the complete office suite similar to what Microsoft / Google has, complete with tools to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and easily share them online)

Zoho Projects (for project management and tracking)

Check out the complete list of Apps in Zoho One  here

One Price.

It’s just one pricing. Very simple. Very straight. Can’t be easier.

What’s your pricing? Curious? Check out here

Your bundle of peace of mind.

Over the last seven years of working with businesses across the globe on business process automation, it is baffling to see the large number of business owners struggling with several systems not being able to talk to each other, and data strewn all over. It gets messy and easily out of control. The people working on such messy systems first try to dismiss the problem, then they try to live with it, then they try workarounds realizing after a while that the workarounds are only making it more messy. Finally they admit when they start losing business because of gaps and inefficiencies in the system.
I think here’s where exactly Zoho One makes that big difference, and restores your peace of mind.

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