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Is Zoho One is for you?

26.05.19 10:42 AM Comment(s) By Priya | CubeYogi

Is Zoho One is for you?

In the earlier post, we saw about Zoho’s launch of arguably one of the biggest suite of business apps in the history of software industry yet : Zoho One.

Now you are a business owner and wondering if you need Zoho One. After working with businesses across the globe in automating business processes and workflows for the last four years, these are few things I would suggest you consider, before making this decision.

  1. Is Excel sheet the bread and butter of your business? Are you maintaining all your data in Excel? Are you then sharing the Excel through email and then struggling to find out / control who changed what? Is data integrity a nightmare?
  2. Over and over, I’m equally amused and shocked to see countless business owners fumbling to manage their entire operations & customer with huge Excel sheets! Time to stop this abuse!

    I will make a separate post on interesting cases we have come across on Excel abuse.

    2. Are you employing someone who is working a lot in just entering data from one system to another, because the systems cannot really talk to each other? Time to get Zoho One and relieve that person to do more higher level work.

    3. Are you using at least three different software tools to do things for your business?

    Trust me. When you use different tools from different vendors, making them talk to each other is no fun. Often times, you find yourself wondering why something here is not there, and something is different in each system and so on. I have seen many business owners lose sleep over this!

    4. Are you having multiple employees doing clearly designated tasks and then you are spending phenomenal amount of time just managing their roles and permissions across systems?

    Zoho One manages this beautifully with a single unified interface to control user accesses and permissions across their apps.

    If you said yes to even one of the above questions, then Zoho One is for you.

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